The Press putting a bad spin on Pit Bulls... again!

This is the biggest lieing spin the press has done yet... CBS publishes this story which should be about an irresponsible parent and turns it into a story about a pit bull. There should be no mention of pit bull in this story... it should simply say dog... a parent left a dog to baby sit. And to make matters worse... they put a picture of a pit in the middle of a yawn or something it look mean... when in fact I can tell looking at that dog it has a great personality... and 3rdly... it is not even the pit bull in the story. The publisher and editor at CBS should be publicly flogged!

Here is a note on this story... Pit Bulls were not named so until the 70s... prior to that, they were known as "nanny dogs"... Petey from our gang was referred to as a nanny dog... Helen Keller, President Roosevelt, and the list goes on... all referred to the type of dog they owned as "nanny dogs"... and why? Because they make great companions for children!

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