Layla's Story

I received this story and it is further evidence of the passion for these dogs that continues to exist throughout the world. JP

Dear Your Friend and Mine;  I would like to share a story with you that I believe is important to tell. I am the proud responsible owner of a 85lb blue pit bull female named McKenzie. Mckenzie is almost two years old and the love of my life. My mother is the owner of two pit bulls a male named Wrex and a female named Jasmine. Wrex and Jasmine had a litter of puppies on may 5th of this year seven big beautiful puppies and one very beautiful runt who was born more than 50% smaller than her litter mates. It was obvious very quickly if she were to survive we would need to intervene her heart stopped several times in the first few hours. We kept her warm and Fed her holding her to the mothers breast and expressing milk. The vet advised us the chance of survival was very very unlikely but we refused to accept that answer if she were going to die it would be because all resources had been exhausted!!! We named her Layla hope layla after the female boxer layla ali. She seemed to be getting better and stronger. That night she survived to the morning in the morning her heart and breathing stopped several times again. At that point my mother called me crying and asked me to take the puppy and nurse it back to health it should be mentioned my bedridden grandmother lives at her house. I brought the puppy to my house worrying what my female pit Mckenzie may do. Mckenzie had never had a litter and never seen a puppy that small. I quickly got the puppy inside laid it on my lap on a heating pad and fed her then decided now's as good as any for the two to meet. Mckenzie darted in the room jumped on the bed saw the pup then tipped toed closer what happened next was nothing short of miraculous and an awe inspiring reason why this breed is truly one of the gentlest out there she looked at the puppy tilted her head and decided she was going to take care of it. She sniffed it licked it and laid down next to it never taking her eyes off it. For three and half hours she watched it sleep and squirm around warm and cozy. She didn’t care that it wasn’t hers, or that it was stealing my attention and her spot, she didn’t care that she wasn’t getting play time that day she just wanted it to be ok. I wish I could tell this story to the ignorant people of the world who cross the street when they see her coming, or the gaspers as we call them because of the “Oohh you have a pit bull” or those who cruelly say all pit bulls should be put to sleep. The compassion and gentleness I have seen displayed has changed me as a person. Sadly Layla hope gave up fighting that night. It broke all of our hearts but no ones more than Mckenzies she went frantic and several days later she is still running in the bedroom whimpering at the corner of the room where she was. I think you are wonderful for what you do please feel free to share my story. LOL McKenzie and Layla's story wherever it is needed God Bless.

Marissa O’Brien 

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